Project Description

Aunty Fleur’s Daycare & Our Treehouse Daycare

Fleur Smith

I juggle business, career and a family and all the dynamics they involve, and strive to find a balance in the middle of it all. It can be exhausting!

The main – and sometimes only – reason I manage to keep it all on the road successfully is because I have Kim working with me as my life coach and have had for many years now. She’s been a rock, an inspiration and a wise guide.

What having a coach means for me is I have a safe place to go to stand back and look at what’s happening in my life: what I’m happy with and what I’m not. Kim provides a sounding board I don’t think I could do without. She has no axes to grind – she’s just there for me. It’s such a gift. It makes a phenomenal difference to how I think about things and see things. Kim has helped me identify and work towards what I want to achieve in all areas of my life. She also helps me keep it all in perspective and keep a balance between my family and growing my business and career.

Kim offers well-rounded, real, constructive suggestions and strategies. It’s not just hot air: she has equipped me with the tools I need to work through things (and there have been lots of them) and she keeps everything relevant. She has her feet firmly on the ground and combines that with perspective, skills and vision that have helped me fly.

I highly recommend Kim to everyone who has a life or who wants more of one! I’m convinced we all need a sounding board, coach and mentor. Think about adding one to your life: it makes a real difference. I can’t imagine not having Kim to bounce things off.

Fleur Smith
Owner & Operator of two Childcare facilities