Project Description

logoAvalon Industrial Services

Avalon Industrial Services is a successful Hamilton-based company founded by Neil McHugh 17 years ago.

“By 2011” he says, “Avalon had grown to over 40 employees and was carrying out relatively large projects, such as installing the roof on the new Dunedin stadium and stabilising the riverbank below Narrows Bridge, near Hamilton Airport.” With their skilled staff, expertise and stringent quality, environment and safety standards, the firm was clearly expanding nicely: “We had business plans” says Neil, “but we were reasonably successful despite not focussing on them very often!”

So where did Stratigi come into the picture? Neil explains:

“Avalon’s business capability and staff had grown but our marketing and business systems were lagging a few years behind. We recognised the need to step up these aspects to increase our market profile and to ensure we continued to win work and deliver a great service to our clients.”


Neil did his homework:

“I contacted a few local marketing companies to hear what they could offer us. I felt that Kim was the most pragmatic and down to earth, which was a good fit for Avalon management’s practical personalities.”

Stratigi and Avalon have now been working together for well over five¬†years. It’s been an exciting partnership for Kim and the team. As ever, Kim’s first goal was to listen hard to Neil and Kip, Avalon’s Project & Development manager, to make sure she had understood exactly what the company’s needs and goals were. Her job was then to come up with an approach tailor-made for those needs. As she says, “At Stratigi, there’s no one size fits all”.

Kim has offered the company a variety of tools:

“Some of Kim’s work with us has been direct advice and taking over practical issues, such as brochures, but much of her help comes from discussions, which help us keep focused on developing Avalon’s business.” Meanwhile, Kim continues to listen and to assess and evaluate the optimal strategy for Avalon: “So I can be certain that brochures are the best investment for Avalon, I am doing some research. There isn’t any point in producing them if they are going to be binned!” What difference has Stratigi made to Avalon? Kip, Avalon’s Project & Development manager, sums up: “Stratigi has been invaluable to Avalon in the last year in helping us pull our head out of the daily grind. Kim has driven us to focus on identifying our USP

[unique selling point] so we can target our action and work smarter.”

Neil summarises:

“I would recommend any business in Avalon’s position to have a chat with Kim. What have you got to lose? I don’t think you will be disappointed.”