Project Description

Cooper Aitken Accountants


“Who can we get to do a 40-minute presentation (for our annual major team meeting)?” Who will challenge and inspire us in that time frame and add value to what we want to achieve throughout the entire event?” I had no hesitation in recommending Kim Hill.

Suggestion duly accepted by the organising committee, a few discussions on what we would like to achieve within the team later and Kim duly fronts up and delivers an informative, fun and challenging session on the topic of our choice: “Mastering internal and external communication”.

Feedback across the team (we have 90 people) from new recruits to directors was unanimous: “Great session”. Recurring themes were “Took lots of notes for myself”, “Excellent”, “Got a lot from that”.

So, if you need someone for that punchy 30-40 minute slot or for an excellent half or whole day programme, call Kim. I have done so on several occasions both for our firm and for clients and she always delivers.

Kind regards
John Brosnan
Human Resources & Business Development Advisor