Project Description

Fletts Accounting Solutions

From the moment I considered starting my own firm, I contacted Kim to assist in every aspect of the strategic planning and roll-out of the new company, named by Kim as Fletts Accounting Solutions. Beginning with the company branding, Kim lead me through the entire process from brand conception to implementation through signage, primary stationary, uniforms, advertising campaigns and media coverage. All communication with existing and prospective clients regarding my move to the new company and location was written and compiled by Kim’s team and all brand design was handled by her designer, Paul Herbert.

Throughout the process, Kim has always consulted with my staff and involved them in the planning and strategic thinking. This ensures that there is a bridge between myself and my team.

Kim brings a fresh approach to our business and also enables us to keep our strategies clean, mean and focused. She has a unique ability to promote Chartered Accountancy as exciting and “fresh” rather than the typical dry, boring and staid image that accounting firms have commonly had. Kim enables this by getting us to think ‘outside the square’. Her modus operandi is very “down to earth” and she has the ability to perceive the core of our business ethics and what we seek to achieve. Her professional expertise keeps us on task and focused on the priorities of our business.

It is my intention that Kim will definitely be involved in continuing to advise and mentor me as the business develops, and she will no doubt ensure that we keep to our business plans!

Alastair Flett