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Kharl WiRepa

Fashionista Features at New Zealand Fashion Week

Māori Business Facilitation Service has supported one of the biggest Fashion talents to have come out of the small Bay of Plenty town, Rotorua.

Kharl WiRepa is currently creating a tidal wave of success in the Fashion world not only nationally but internationally too.

kwandkimOne of the biggest fashion magazines in the world sat front row at his Rotorua fashion designer’s runway show. He was overwhelmed with the thought that Vogue would be in the audience at his New Zealand Fashion week show after they emailed him specifically asking for front row seats.

The August 2015 New Zealand Fashion Week is the most prestigious trade event on the New Zealand apparel calendar inviting fashion elite from across the globe to indulge in the very best New Zealand fashion has to offer.

WiRepa debuted on the New Zealand Fashion Week runway last year, and felt honoured to be invited again this year to showcase his winter and summer ranges across five shows.

The young snapper whipper has worked as a fashion stylist for magazines and television media. At the age of 22 he followed his life dream and pursued fashion design. He has won many prestigious fashion awards including the Miromoda Supreme Award in 2014.

Since launching his label mid 2014 the fashion house has had a massive wave of success. From attaining stockists throughout New Zealand, dressing television stars, musicians and socialites, to working in the pageant industry and dressing contestants at Miss World and Miss India.

MBFS mentor Kim Hill says that it has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with this talent and develop his business and more widely getting more Māori into enterprise.
“Māori are in demand for their skills, creativity and intellectual property, in New Zealand and around the world,” Hill says.
“Māori are becoming more visible in economic development, and they’re getting smarter, way smarter. There are competitive advantages to being Māori.”
“This is one of the ways that we can continue to support Māori prosperity,” Kim says speaking of the Māori Business Facilitation Service. “There is so much more that can be done from our mahi together,” she adds.

Something supported by Kharl WiRepa, “The impact of the help Kim has given me has also impacted to have a Māori presence in fashion. Solidifying that our people can do high glamour fashion better than some of our European counterparts.”

Source Te Puni Kokiri Maori Business Facilitation Service