Project Description

McCaw Lewis Ltd

In 2010 McCaw Lewis Chapman, a leading Waikato law firm. engaged Stratigi to review our brand. The outcome was a brand evolution, a name change to McCaw Lewis Ltd and the firm becoming an incorporated company.

Stratigi’s approach meant that all the key people came on board and the whole firm worked as one towards the end goal.

The process was a long one. As we were rebranding our entire business, we had to look at everything from the firm’s printed stationery and merchandise to website design and content as well as the launch of the rebrand event. Stratigi enabled us to achieve all of this while maintaining our day-to-day roles, which was an invaluable service.

Initially, Stratigi consulted with each staff member about what the existing brand McCaw Lewis Chapman meant to them.


Meetings were then held to discuss concepts. Stratigi was able to keep people focused on the key points and finally a new brand evolved that everybody was happy with. A sub-committee was formed to work alongside Kim until the conclusion of the project.

Statigi produced a timeline and introduced us to key contacts such as printers, website designers and sign writers.

The final stages involved weekly meetings with Kim to ensure we met deadlines and were on task and within budget.

With Stratigi supporting us, we were able to keep to a strict timeline, engage with key contacts to outsource certain tasks and stay within budget. Stratigi also provided us with branding specs and guidelines that we continue to rely on.

The final product was modern, fresh and professional.