Project Description

Shikoba Clothing

I connected with Stratigi through Te Puni Kokiri at a time when my business was on the cusp of new direction and growth, particularly with the pending launch of its 2007 Winter Collection. We quickly established a powerful business mentor relationship that offered me the confidence to forge ahead with diversification plans and the support, expertise and empowerment I needed to launch Shikoba in a strong strategic direction.


Working with Stratigi is such a refreshingly different experience as it feels as though I am working with a team that’s as committed to Shikoba’s success as I am. Kim was immediately passionate about the Shikoba enterprise and quickly sized up the business’ needs and areas of strong growth potential. One of the greatest resources Kim has made available to me is her wealth of contacts who have enabled Shikoba, while on a minimal budget, to achieve photoshoots, access high-profile regional media including the provision of interviews, launch a comprehensive website and present its lines through fashion shows at a number of professional gatherings such as Six in the City and a VIP Launch Evening, both of which were co-ordinated and hosted by Stratigi.

Kim’s mentorship has been the nerve centre in Shikoba’s early stages of entrepreneurship and through our business mentor relationship I have gained business benefits such as networks, market profile, promotional exposure and strategic direction as well as personal benefits such as increased confidence, articulation and presentation skills – all of which form a platform for Shikoba’s continued success and market penetration.