Project Description

Stunnuz – Kataraina Berryman

Engaging with Stratigi is one of the things I am truly and continuously grateful for in my life.

I started out in the business world simply with the dream of becoming a fashion designer. I had absolutely no clue what to do with that idea.

Enter Kim Hill as a business mentor. She has an endless supply of knowledge about business and not only does Kim share this knowledge whenever I need her advice, but she does it in a hugely inspiring way. Kim helps create a belief in the possibility of achieving the previously unthinkable. With her help I have achieved things in business I never would have believed possible. Stratigi has nurtured me into achieving so much.


Kim and her team go the extra mile as mentors. A fabulous example is when Stratigi created a workshop for a group of fashion designers under Kim’s mentorship. Kim brought in various professionals as guest speakers, and offered us tools and knowledge that added value to each one of us. The workshop enabled us to come together and learn from one another’s experiences. Each designer was at a different stage. It was amazing and such an inspiration.

Kim does her utmost to provide any opportunity possible to help you succeed. She will tailor her skills and resources to your individual business needs, supporting you to build your capacity. Kim has introduced me to contacts and networks that have expanded my skills and possibilities and had a huge impact on my business growth.


I have changed from a girl with no clue about business and a few ideas, to an actual fashion designer, with my own clothing label. I have walked catwalks wearing my own collection, and have had contracts photographing celebrities both in New Zealand and internationally. I’ve had the opportunity to build up invaluable networks for the future of my business. I am currently based overseas looking at expanding my brand on an international level. This is all under the guidance of Kim as my mentor!

I’m extremely grateful I took the step of engaging with Stratigi and being under Kim’s mentorship and that I have the opportunity to acquire some of the knowledge, experience and wisdom that she so generously shares. It has been life-changing and I cannot thank her and the team at Stratigi enough. Having Kim as my mentor has simply been priceless.