Project Description

Toku Gourmet Foods   

The Brief

Toku wanted to create a powerful brand story for its food products that would be remembered, repeated and rewarded by customers, stockists and the wider marketplace. The brand was to support a full range of marketing collateral designed to compliment the product range.


Stratigi harnessed the emotive and interest value of the strong Maori culture and tradition upon which Toku’s food products were based. Stratigi developed two stories together with Toku: one to form part of the packaging of Toku’s food products and a longer version to form part of Toku’s promotional and marketing collateral. The stories were composed as Maori legends with inextricable links to the food product range and the inspiration behind these.


The brand story achieved strong positive cut-through and profile in the marketplace evidenced through both customer feedback and sales. Toku now has a strong brand that enables each of its products to become part of the brand story ensuring brand longevity and uniqueness.