Project Description


Tourelle Lifebrokers

Third-generation company Tourelle Lifebrokers take a careful, considered approach, both on behalf of their clients and with their own image. Knowing that a specialist is best for any job, they have chosen Stratigi to handle their marketing for several years.

Stratigi quickly earned our confidence by consistently taking the time to fully understand our challenges then create and implement effective marketing plans to specifically address these. Stratigi has assisted us with every phase of marketing and promotion for Tourelle Lifebrokers, streamlining every strategy with our company values.


With their innovative and actionable recommendations, Stratigi has been pivotal is setting the “strong face” that we now have for Tourelle Lifebrokers. This strong face is embedded in our company philosophy and service, whether we are in general discussions, writing correspondence or providing our expert knowledge. It sets the tone of the way we work and how we service our client. Stratigi has contributed greatly to Tourelle Lifebrokers’ growth and success.