Losing your mojo? Need to Focus? Develop or hone your direction? Evolve your business strategy? Stratigi brings a fresh perspective to listen, observe and then understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Described as a business café , Stratigi offers a platter of services – at times you will benefit from all, at times you will just need a small helping of this or a taster of that and sometimes you might want a second helping!

Stratigi will provide the expertise you need to get your mojo back.

Why not call Kim for a coffee today?

Founder and Director of Stratigi Kim Hill has hand-picked her team of qualified, motivated and highly skilled professionals in areas such as design, accountancy, research and writing. The result is that Stratigi is able to offer a range of professional skills and expertise, ensuring that you are always in the best hands from initial meeting to business plan, marketing strategy, copywriting and product launch. Whether Stratigi is helping to fill in the gaps or simply provide a sounding board, the team will offer exceptional skills and service.
Lots of questions! Kim and the team won’t rest until they understand exactly what you want and exactly what you need to find a better way to do business… whether you want it ‘faster’, ‘smarter’ or ‘simpler’.
Sometimes, it takes an informed onlooker to see where your game might be improved. It might just be a tweak that’s needed to steer you in the right direction and propel you into growth. Or you may be focusing your energy and money into marketing and promoting yourself in ways that don’t work and are not going to work. At Stratigi, it’s ‘new client, new strategy’. No one size fits all.

Stratigi is committed to the success, strengthening and sustainability of your business. We start with the basics, ensuring they are done effectively, to create the building blocks of your future. Stratigi celebrates your uniqueness by staying true to your skills, your values and your competitive edge. Stratigi is all about relationships and connecting you with the right people to give you the best advice and support.

About Kim

Kim Hill

Kim Hill is a top level business strategist, coach and consultant who is widely sought after throughout New Zealand for her expertise and skills in all areas of running businesses. For over two decades, Kim has provided strategic and professional consultation in the areas of marketing, communications, branding, structural efficiency, business performance management and the evolution of business opportunities. She has established a reputation for solid, grounded and shrewd sense that gets results efficiently and expertly, whether she is working with individuals launching their own businesses or corporate clients. Kim facilitates and leads training sessions on all aspects of business across the country, as well as delivering conference addresses to teams in business.

Frequently called in to troubleshoot in situations of negotiation and conflict, Kim is respected for her capacity to cut through to the essentials, keep it real and achieve optimal outcomes for all involved.

An entrepreneur herself, having owned and operated businesses, Kim draws on her extensive background in and experience of commerce, growth, marketing, sales and more … She knows what works and what doesn’t. Kim is passionate about paving the way to success for others, helping them define and achieve their goals and creating opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

A wide range of clients look to Kim for a sounding board to help define their goals and clarify priorities, knowing that whatever is offered adds value to their business. Her remit is business consolidation, growth and improved productivity and she gets consistent, solid and significant results.

A longstanding contracted business mentor to Te Puni Kokiri, Kim is dedicated to promoting Maori economic development and entrepreneurship. One of her unique strengths is that she walks within both Maori and non-Maori worlds to the enrichment and benefit of both.

Kim derives great satisfaction from helping companies grow and build their capacity to become high-performing: “It’s the most fun job in the world,” she puts it. And, she points out:

It’s interesting, the issues are the same whether you’re a big or small business: the only difference is the scale. Whether you’re a small- to medium-sized business in the Waikato or a US company turning over tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, the solutions are the same, too.