Commit to yourself!  You are worth it 🙂

by Kim Hill, of Stratigi Ltd.imgres-1

So you’ve got your “to do” list. I wonder how far up that list comes looking after yourself – whether it’s going to the gym, doing yoga or meeting with a friend/mentor. If you’re anything like me those items tend to be towards the bottom and, worse, to slip off as time runs short. We put commitments to ourselves last because we can’t let other people down. We can always catch up on exercise or coffees with friends after all. It’s just prioritising.

But what are we doing when we do this? Essentially we’re breaking a promise to ourselves. Why is that so easy to do? We’re talking about a “to do” list, not a wish list, after all. Maybe it’s because deep down we think taking time off is a luxury. We need to get rid of that myth straight away. Looking after ourselves isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  And if we’re not convinced of that on a personal level, if we for some reason think we can push ourselves beyond endurance, on a professional level we
need to realise that that’s nuts. When we don’t take rest we often get stale, stressed and start making stupid decisions. Our work suffers (let alone our personal lives).

Or maybe we don’t think we’re worth as much as everybody else….

Kim Hill SM1228Pledging to honour our promises to ourselves is also about self-respect; people sense when we don’t have it and all too often take advantage of that. Not good for business (or everyday life).

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